Club Expectations

As a club member, there will be a few expectations of you:
  1. Be kind and respectful of your club mates.
  2. Use bocce balls and equipment properly.
  3. Keep the courts clean of grass and pebbles.
  4. Put your trash (or any trash laying around) in the trash bin.
  5. Give the courts a sweep when you are finished playing.

How to Play

Bocce Ball and Paulino

Choose a court and place the bocce balls into the color coded racks.

Flip a coin to see who throws the pallino (small white ball). Let’s assume Player 1 wins toss.

Player 1 tosses pallino from behind the throw line (blue line at bottom of diagram). Pallino must go past half court (black line), but not past the blue line on the far side, and must stop at least 12 inches from the side wall (see yellow box in diagram). The white ball is now your target.

Ball 1: Player 1 rolls first because they threw the pallino. Player 1 rolls one ball, attempting to get as close as possible to the pallino. It is ok to hit the pallino. If the pallino moves, where ever it stops is the new target. It is ok to use the sides, but if you hit the back wall without hitting another ball first, it is considered a dead ball and is removed from play.

Ball 2: Now Player 2 rolls one ball, attempting to get closer than Player 1. Player 2 can throw from anywhere behind the throw line. They do not need to stay on the side the balls are kept.  

Ball 3-8: Depends. If Player 1 is closest, they are considered the “In Ball” and do not roll again until someone beats that throw. Player 2 will continue rolling until they get closer and become the “In Ball,” or they run out of balls.

When all balls are played, we tally the scores. Scoring is limited to one player per match. Only the closest player can score.

If you have one ball closer than your opponent, you score 1 point (see below).

If you have two balls closer than your opponent, you score two points (three closer is three points, four closer is four points).

If your ball is touching the pallino, it is considered a “kiss” and is worth 2 points (not shown).

After scores, you start again from the other end of the court, the winner of the last round gets to throw the palino.

Play to 7, 9, or 11.

Bocce 1 Point Example

Bocce 2 Point Example

Bocce 3 Point Example

Bocce 4 Point Example

Other Resources

Bocce Court Example

The red and green rectangles represent the racks that hold the balls. 

Bocce Court Layout