How to Sweep the Courts

Holding the broom handle at chest height, walk backwards at a casual pace, dragging the broom behind you. The broom is about half the width of the court.
Pic of Sweeping
There is a 2-pass method, and a 4-pass method. 

With the 4-pass method, you start on one end of the court and you drag the broom straight up to the other end. Then turn around and do the same to the other half of the court. See the blue lines. Next we do a figure 8 pattern. Start from one end, and do a wave pattern (see orange line).

At the other end, turn around and try to do the opposite pattern (see yellow lines) creating a figure 8 pattern.

If done well, it will look something like an amature zen garden when finished.  The purpose of the figure 8 pattern is to prevent the balls from finding a rut and being forced off course.

The 2-pass method does just the figure-8 path (orange and yellow) and skips the straight up and back. This is generally suitable for practice and friendly games.

Sweeping Bocce Courts